Using Your CGM

Congratulations on your decision to use the REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System! Understanding the basics of CGM is essential to your success.

With your new Personal CGM System and the proper training, you are taking an important step towards a lifetime of improved glucose control.

How to Get The Most from Using CGM

A solid understanding of CGM basics is essential to your success. Topics such as Understanding CGM, Starting up CGM, and Applying CGM in your life will help you get started.

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What Our Pumpers Say

Andrea Marshall

I work shift work as a paramedic and my insulin pump with CGM has given me the confidence I need to perform at a heightened awareness level every day. Before my insulin pump, I was struggling with my diabetes management while working shift work and it was having a toll on my well-being. Today, I have great glucose control, I feel that I have less diabetes-related complications and everyone, including myself, has complete confidence in my blood glucose control under stress events and working long hours.

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