What Our Pumpers Say

Mark Fawcett

Head Coach of the Canadian National Alpine Snowboard Team, Professional Snowboarder 1990-2005, 14 World Cup Victories, 3 U.S. Open Titles and two-time Olympic Athlete.

Both Mark’s father and daughter have type 1 diabetes and use a Medtronic insulin pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system*.

Our daughter Phoebe was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 14 months old. Within three weeks she was on an insulin pump and shortly after, CGM. There was no time for grief; because of Phoebe’s age, we had to immediately adapt to manage her blood sugar levels. We refuse to allow diabetes to dictate the type of life we live- Phoebe can live a full, healthy and happy life. She uses an insulin pump and CGM system with a low glucose suspend feature- we now have time to make corrections before her blood glucose levels head towards dangerous waters. I wasn’t expecting technology like this for years, yet here it is. It’s truly amazing.
Being motivated and setting goals is important, whether you are on or off the slopes. You are bound to have bad days, even bad weeks. The challenge is to be able to turn it around, which can also relate to how you live with diabetes.

Find out more about the benefits of insulin pump technology and continuous glucose monitoring.

Chris Jarvis

Team Canada Olympic Rower, 2007 Pan Am Games Gold Medalist, Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 14, using the Paradigm® REAL-Time Insulin Pump system and Contour® LINK Blood Glucose Meter, Victoria, BC

As an Olympic rower, I know much of my success depends on my healthcare team being aware of my blood glucose levels. This is the advantage of CareLink™ - it keeps them informed, allowing me to focus on the task at hand.

Find out more about the benefits of insulin pump technology and continuous glucose monitoring.


Olivia and Hannah's Mom, Ottawa, ON

My girls are no longer limited by the word "can't". Because of their Insulin Pump, they're able to live life freely - they can play soccer, do yoga and eat cake at birthdays.

Jonny White

Bicycled 12,000 kms in four months through ten African countries on Tour D'Afrique: The World's Most Gruelling Race. Jonny is now completing his PhD in Media Psychology, researching and working in storytelling, documentary, and Web production while teaching online for UCLA. He produced Long Road, a 3-part web-documentary chronicling the African adventure, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 15, using his Insulin Pump System with the Continuous Glucose Monitoring system and Contour® LINK Blood Glucose Meter


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