Pump vs Multiple Daily Injections (MDI)

  1. Say goodbye to Daily Shots - with an insulin pump, you change your infusion set just once every three days to control insulin delivery.
  2. Reach your A1C target with tighter control - with proper insulin pump use, you'll be six times more likely to consistently achieve your target A1C with an insulin pump than with multiple daily shots of Lantus.®1
  3. Fewer Lows - with precise, timely insulin doses you can reduce your episodes of hypoglycemia by up to 85%.2
  4. Stay Healthy Long Term - Reduce your risk of long-term complications from diabetes with an insulin pump.
    • Eye damage may be reduced by up to 76%3
    • Nerve damage may be reduced by up to 60%3
    • Kidney damage may be reduced by up to 56%3
    • Cardiovascular damage may be reduced by up to 42%3
  5. Predictable, Fast-Acting Insulin - Traditional, long-acting insulin can create a "depot" under the skin with less predictable absorption rates - and unpredictable highs and lows. Insulin pumps use only rapid-acting insulin, which is absorbed with more predictability so you can deliver smaller, more precise doses of insulin when that's all your body needs.4
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As an Olympic rower, I know much of my success depends on my healthcare team being aware of my blood glucose levels. This is the advantage of CareLink™ - it keeps them informed, allowing me to focus on the task at hand.

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