Pump Tips

Your body needs both basal and bolus insulin to function properly. Medtronic insulin pumps allow you to deliver customizable insulin. Basal insulin helps you carry out regular functions throughout the day, like sleeping or exercising. Your pump will administer bolus insulin to help you with meals.

Everyone requires a baseline amount of insulin (basal insulin) to enable the body to function properly without food. With insulin pump technology, you can set a flexible basal rate to be delivered continuously throughout the day and night.

With the basal insulin set properly, you can prevent early morning highs, hypoglycemia from exercising, as well as nocturnal hypoglycemia when you're sleeping.

What Our Pumpers Say

Andrea Marshall

I work shift work as a paramedic and my insulin pump with CGM has given me the confidence I need to perform at a heightened awareness level every day. Before my insulin pump, I was struggling with my diabetes management while working shift work and it was having a toll on my well-being. Today, I have great glucose control, I feel that I have less diabetes-related complications and everyone, including myself, has complete confidence in my blood glucose control under stress events and working long hours.

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