Infusion Sets & Reservoirs

Why Use MiniMed® Paradigm® Pump Supplies?

The MiniMed® Paradigm® connection provides a unique interface between the MiniMed® Paradigm® infusion set and reservoir with safety benefits such as:

  • Venting: maintains a proper pressurized environment and reduces insulin blockage risks
  • Audible click: ensures a leak proof and secure connection to the insulin reservoir
  • Reservoir cap: is integrated into the connection, thus preventing its loss or damage
  • Secured locking mechanism: prevents accidental loosening of the set


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What Our Pumpers Say

Olivia and Hannah's Mom, Ottawa, ON

My girls are no longer limited by the word 'can't'. Because of their Insulin Pump pump, they're able to live life freely - they can swim, play soccer, do yoga and eat cake at birthdays.

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