Infusion Sets

Sertable® Infusion Sets: Comfort for Every Body

We've spent 25 years collecting customer feedback from pump users to develop infusion sets that are easy to use, convenient and comfortable to wear. We offer a complete line of Sertable® insertion devices compatible with different infusion sets for different sizes, shapes and types of people.

How infusion sets work

Thin, plastic tubing delivers insulin from the pump to your body. This tubing comes in two different lengths to accommodate different needs. At the end of the tubing is a soft, flexible cannula, which is a small, tapered tube. With the help of an insertion device, you insert the cannula under your skin, somewhere where you'd inject using a syringe - on your abdomen, thigh or buttocks. This spot is called your infusion site, and it remains in place for up to three days. No needle stays under your skin.

Site Care

It's important to change your infusion set and reservoir at least every 3 days and rotate your site for optimal health and minimal complications.


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What Our Pumpers Say

Paul Levine,
Retired Professional Engineer, Thornhill, ON

An insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring makes it easier to maintain my average blood sugar levels because I can detect trends more quickly, allowing me to take action earlier.

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