Our most accurate* and comfortable* glucose sensor

The enhanced Enlite™ is:

Smaller. It's 80% smaller for a more comfortable wear
More consistent. Advanced chemistry to help reduce sensor variability and improve consistency
Designed with you in mind. The adhesive patch has been improved to help reduce skin irritation

Stay ahead

Detect up to 96% of hypoglycemic events when using the Enlite sensor with the MiniMed® Paradigm® Veo Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System.3

Hassle-free compatibility

The Enlite sensor is compatible with your MiniMed® Paradigm® Veo Insulin Pump and CGM System and MiniMed® Paradigm® REAL-Time Insulin Pump and CGM System.

The way to insert and tape remains the same as the previous Enlite™ glucose sensor. For a refresher, visit myLearning

Discover how easy it is to insert the Enlite sensor.
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the Enlite sensor

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Comfort designed with you in mind

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From X54 Performance Addendum. Data on file.

After the MiniLink™ transmitter and Enlite glucose sensor are connected, they form a water-tight seal to a depth of 8 feet (2.4 meters) for up to 30 minutes. You can shower and swim without removing them. Refer to the EnliteSensor user guide.

The Enlite sensor is compatible with the Minimed® Paradigm® Veo Insulin Pump and CGM System, Minimed® Paradigm® REAL-Time System, and Guardian® REAL-Time CGM System.