• Is my personal information secure when I use CareLink™ Personal?

    Yes. Several levels of security are embedded in the Medtronic CareLink™ platform and it complies with the standards of privacy in each Country it's offered. You can be assured that your information will remain secure within the system. You decide who can access your personal information by providing your own user name and password which can be changed at any time.

  • How can my Healthcare Provider use this information to help me?

    There are several ways which your healthcare provider can help you with your diabetes management using CareLink™ reports.

    1. You can grant them access to your CareLink™ personal account using your name and password which you can change at any time.
    2. You can generate and print reports prior to your visit.
    3. Your healthcare provider may use a special software version for viewing your CareLink™ Personal reports called Medtronic CareLink™ Professional. This software links with CareLink™ Personal and synchronizes automatically with your newly uploaded information providing your healthcare professional with report styles which assist them in evaluating your progress. Access to your information using CareLink™ Professional by your healthcare provider is your option.
  • Between pump uploads, can I download just my meter information into CareLink™ Personal?

    Yes. CareLink™ also allows the incorporation of several kinds of blood glucose meters into your diabetes management reports. If you are not using the Bayer CONTOUR® LINK meter which automatically uploads information to your pump, you will require the manufacturer's cable in order to use these values when generating your reports.

  • Now You Have Round-The-Clock Access

    Each time your pump is uploaded, CareLink™ Personal stores your report as an individual file with no limit to how often or how much information you can store in the system.

  • Bayer and Bayer Cross are registered trademarks of Bayer AG, used under license by Bayer Inc. CONTOUR and No Coding Logo are Trademarks of Bayer Healthcare LLC, used under license by Bayer Inc.


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What Our Pumpers Say

Chris Jarvis,
Team Canada Olympic Rower

As an Olympic rower, I know much of my success depends on my healthcare team being aware of my blood glucose levels. This is the advantage of CareLink™ - it keeps them informed, allowing me to focus on the task at hand.

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