Medtronic CareLink™ Personal Web-Based Diabetes Management System

CareLink™ Personal is a web based diabetes management system which can help you get the most from your new MiniMed® Paradigm® Insulin Pump. CareLink™ Personal serves as a secure virtual diabetes management system where you can view, print and evaluate a report snapshot of all your pump, glucose and daily diabetes management activities.

CareLink™ Personal system is a user name and password protected system that hundred of thousands of people use to gain critical insight into their individual glucose patterns and trends relating to meals, exercise and insulin use.

Benefits of CareLink™ Personal on your Diabetes Management

  • Access on your time - the system is available online 24/7 and is password protected. You control who sees your reports.
  • Evaluate up to 90 days of information - on each upload from your pump and sensor.
  • Keep pace with life's nuances - refine your care based upon the automatically recorded effects of various factors in your life - such as specific foods, exercise, stress and all of life's nuances.
  • Improve A1C control - Children who use CareLink™ Personal software show improved control (A1C) when compared to children using insulin pump technology alone without CareLink™ 1
  • Take the guesswork out of eating - by uncovering the effects of certain foods and portion sizes on blood glucose levels.
  • Stay connected to your Healthcare Provider - CareLink™ Personal software helps you stay connected to your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider can review your CareLink™ information remotely to make accurate and efficient adjustments when needed.
  • Wireless uploads - The compact and sleek CareLink™ Personal USB wirelessly uploads information from your MiniMed® Paradigm® Insulin Pump to your computer.

What do I need to Get Started Using the CareLink™ Personal Web-Based Diabetes Management System?

CareLink™ Personal is an online tool offered to you by Medtronic Diabetes at no cost*. All you need to sign up for CareLink™ Personal is a computer, any MiniMed® Paradigm® 515 or higher pump, a CareLink™ USB device (available through customer care at 1-800-284-4416), and access to the internet.

  • Simply go to and click the "Sign Up Now" button to register and use the system.
  • Sign in anytime using your newly created username and password.
  • Upload your data to CareLink™ Personal from your MiniMed® Paradigm® insulin pump and listed brands of blood glucose meters.
  • Click the "Upload" tab, and follow the onscreen directions.
  • 24 hour technical support is available to assist you with set up and usage assistance.
  1. Corriveau EA, Durso PJ, Kaufman ED, Skipper BJ, Laskaratos LA, Heintzman KB. Effect of Carelink™, an Internet-based insulin pump monitoring system, on glycemic control in rural and urban children with Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Pediatric Diabetes 2008: 9 (Part II): 360-366.

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Bicycled 12,000 kms in four months through ten African countries on Tour D'Afrique: The World's Most Gruelling Race

Jonny is now completing his PhD in Media Psychology, researching and working in storytelling, documentary, and Web production while teaching online for UCLA. He produced Long Road, a 3-part web-documentary chronicling the African adventure, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 15, using his Insulin Pump System with the Continuous Glucose Monitoring system and Contour® LINK Blood Glucose Meter.

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