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Introducing the Silhouette® Infusion Set – the only infusion set that inserts at a variable angle and works with your MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pump to deliver comfort, flexibility, and individualized fit.
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Get Flexible with the Silhouette® Infusion Set
  • Quick and virtually painless insertion of the infusion set either by hand (manually) or by using an insertion device
  • The tubing right at the insertion site can be easily disconnected, so you can swim, shower, or do whatever you would like without the interference of dangling tubing
  • Choice of cannula length that best suits your physique to achieve greater versatility in your diabetes management
  • You can bend and twist anyway you would like with the soft, flexible cannula of the infusion set
  • Reliable built-in adhesive to keep your infusion set in place while you live your life without worry
Get More Choice
The Silhouette® Infusion Set series offers convenient insertion angles and varying tubing lengths to give you more choice and control over your diabetes
Cannula Type Angle Tubing Length Product #
13mm Variable 23” (60cm) MMT-381
13mm Variable 43” (110cm) MMT-382
Secure Your Connection
The patented Medtronic connector with its easy-to-grip, ergonomic shape snaps into place – so you know it’s connected. It links the tubing and the insulin reservoir by creating an airtight seal that never leaks, ensuring accurate insulin delivery. And because the Silhouette’s venting mechanism is part of the connector itself, it will be replaced every time you replace your infusion set, ensuring that it never clogs.
Get Real
Medtronic is the most trusted name in infusion site management and offer the widest selection of infusion sets available. We strongly suggest that you only use the Medtronic branded infusion sets, like the Silhouette® Infusion Set, with your MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pump. Third-party infusion sets are not recommended.
For more information about the Silhouette® Infusion Set or to order yours, please visit our online store or call 1-800-284-4416.
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